Double Your Income in 30-60 Days No Matter Where You Are in Business


~~ Imagine… receiving $3000, $4000, $5000 or even $10,000 from one client for your services…working with your ideal clients that are seeking YOU to hire. Consistently.

~~ Imagine… having all the free time to do all the things you want to do…spending time with family and friends, and taking more vacations while your business grows in the direction you want it to.

~~ Imagine… never having to worry again about finances because you know your business is set-up to bring in the revenue you desire for your lifestyle.

~~ Imagine… knowing you are impacting your clients in a bigger way… helping more people than ever before… doing the thing you know you are supposed to do.


 Make More Money In Your Business Than Ever Before


~~Create your powerful signature program!
~~ Learn how to price your signature program and make more money than ever
~~ Get results fast!
~~ Work with clients you love and who love you.  The clients you are supposed to
work with – Finally!
~~ Learn the steps you need to take first to ensure you build a successful business!
~~ Create financial freedom for yourself!
~~ Learn to master the art of the sacred sales conversation!

Your 6 – Month Accelerate Program You Will Receive


Immediately:   Start with 90 Minutes to 9 Clients

Loretta will walk you through discovering the four pillars of a successful business: What, Who, Where, How and a bonus of When.

You will know exactly where you are going and what will be coming next in your business.

Also, a Truth and Freedom Quiz

You will discover where you are right now where you want to go and learn what is stopping you.

You will blast through these mindset challenges with renewed hope and knowledge you can do it.


Step 1: Create you powerful money goal and you why

             Discover and claim the money that would change your life today and your
powerful WHY that will hold you to it.

Step2: Design your Powerful Signature Program

             Learn how to create your signature system easily. The steps your client s will
take to provide them with results quickly.

Along with the right system to enroll clients.

Step 3: Learn the Art of the Sacred Sales Conversation

Learn how to easily enroll your ideal client without feeling icky.

This will literally change your bottom line over night.

Step 4: Design Your 60 Day Marketing Road Map

            Design a plan that works for you and your business.

Know exactly what you will do daily, weekly, and monthly to create the
income you need in your business to provide the lifestyle you want.

Step 5: Mindset Over Matter

            Learn the mindset needed to be a successful business owner.

Learn the one Universal Law which will help you blast through all your
doubts and fears forever.

*** Each step is designed with templates, checklists, done for you materials and scripts so you can just go to work and make more money and to start helping more people.


Also Receive


  • 12 one to one coaching sessions 45 minutes in length via phone or skype
  • Private access to your coach via email, phone or text. Yes, you receive Loretta’s cell Phone number to text or call when needed.
  • Weekly accountability to set the stage for your week and to end each week strong.
  • Done for you scripts, templates and documents so you can just go to work and quickly receive the results that you want, where applicable.
  • Step by step templates to easily complete tasks at hand, where applicable.
  • Bonuses along the way specific to your need at that time.




  • Receive a VIP Planning Session. This session is design to plan out your entire year so you know step by step what is coming next in your business and when you will be making money in your business. Valued $1497
  • Two emergency 20 minute coaching sessions with your coach when you get stuck and just need a different perspective. Valued Priceless


The Accelerate Program will work for you when…

You Decide and Take Action


My clients are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to live their dreams.

They come to me when it is time to stop fooling around and stop following the shiny objects to get serious about their business and who the want to help. They are simply ready – ready to play at a higher level, to serve at a higher level.

There isn’t an easy road to reaching success in your business. It can be made simple with the right strategy and the right support.


 Your Next Steps….


Complete the Accelerate Application form.

Forward the completed application form to

If you have been accepted you will receive an email to Loretta’s calendar to choose a time to speak with her to ensure you are a right fit. This works both ways. We have to be able to work together.

Once you’ve had time to ask all your questions about the Accelerate program, the investment will shared during the call.

If the program is not a fit for you, there is no further obligation.