What are you going to do with the rest of your life?

What are you going to do with the rest of your life?

As we get back to regular schedules and one of busiest seasons of the year is fast approaches, a ton of ideas are forming in your head creating a jumbled mess.  Your creating a to do list, making plans, and forming strategies to make a lot more money and help more people.


Overwhelm is making it very challenging for you to get focused and to get started. This is not the place or energy you need to start implementing all your ideas.

So let’s kick OVERWHELM to the curb for good and get focused so you can make more money this busy season – one step at time – starting at the beginning.

Simply answer these two questions…

What are you going to do with the rest of your life?


What do you really want?

These are the two most powerful questions that will and can change the direction of your life forever.  They certainly changed mine and the business owners I’ve worked with.

You have the ability to choose what you will do with the rest of your life and how you are going to live it.  But you have to know exactly what you want.

If you don’t know what you want it’s time to take a good look at that, NOW!

It’s the voice inside your head, the conversation you have with yourself about all the things you truly want in your life – the things you currently do not have.  You do not have to tell anyone what all this is for YOU.  Be HONEST! You do owe it to yourself to be honest with yourself.  You also owe to all the people out there who are waiting to work with you.

There is a reason you are reading this at this very moment.  You know you have gifts and talents that you want to share.  But you know something is not right at this very moment.  You are dissatisfied about something in your life.  You simply do not know how to take action on all your ideas, plans and dreams because of overwhelm.

Get completely clear on these two questions above.  It WILL change your life forever.

This is the starting point to get moving in the right direction.  If you do not know what you want how are going to get it.

Yes, I have done this!  I still do this today to ensure I keep moving forward in my business and life.  My clients do it too.


To Your Greatest Success,



If you think you can’t make great money and live a life on your terms, Business Coach and Mentor Loretta Morrison would like you to “Think Again”.

Loretta Knows all too well that too many entrepreneurs are working themselves to death trying to achieve the business success that’s going to allow them the lives they want and deserve.  That’s why she is dedicated to teaching her clients the “How To’s” in the fastest and most effective methods for building a successful business so they can become Laser Focused, Get More Clients and to be Highly Profitable.

To Receive a Focus and Breakthrough to Success Strategy Session kindly contact Loretta at lorettamorrison@rogers.com to schedule a session with her.



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