Knowing Your WHY


Last month I spoke to you about step 1 of 3 foundational pieces in your business.  I also asked you two very powerful questions that can change your life.

Step 1: What? You absolutely need to know what you actually want so you can create a plan to get it.  I asked these two questions:

“What are you going to do with the rest of your life?”  And “What do you really want?”

Step 2 is knowing “Your Why” Why are you in business?  Why do you do the things you do?

My clients always trip and fumble over this piece thinking their why has to be extremely big.  It doesn’t!  It just has to be yours!

Think of it this way when you’re trying to figure out your “WHY”.  What really ticks you off and sends you into a rant when you hear someone talk about this.  Or, what truly lights your heart on fire?

Your why should be deeply rooted in your heart and soul.  When things get tough- and they will in business, it won’t matter, your “WHY” is way bigger than your challenge.

It will make you jump out of bed with excitement and joy knowing you are truly living.


It is not to pay the bills; the rent, the light bill, the mortgage, or the car payment.  These reasons come from a place of fear and lack.

It is easier to get out of bed each day when you are living from your heart, soul and abundance.  Fear only makes you want to pull the covers over your head.

I’m going to bear my heart and soul and share my “WHY”…

  1. For me!  I deserve to have the business and life that I want!
  2. For my children!  I want my son and daughter to know they can have, be or do whatever they want.  No matter what challenge comes their way it won’t stop them.  If they keep moving forward they can do whatever they want.


Also, to say “Yes” to them – within reason.


  1. To give to the two charities that have touched my heart deeply and personally.  The Breast Cancer Foundation and Victim Services.


What is your “Why”?

One last thing…What difference will it make?




If you think you can’t make great money and live a life on your terms, Business Coach and Mentor Loretta Morrison would like you to “Think Again”.

Loretta Knows all too well that too many entrepreneurs are working themselves to death trying to achieve the business success that’s going to allow them the lives they want and deserve.  That’s why she is dedicated to teaching her clients the “How To’s” in the fastest and most effective methods for building a successful business so they can become Laser Focused, Get More Clients and to be Highly Profitable.

To Receive a Focus and Breakthrough to Success Strategy Session kindly contact Loretta at to schedule a session with her.




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